Leafletting ✉

If you’ve just a couple of hours a month to spare, joining our city-wide leafletting team is a perfect way to support Oxford City Greens.  You’ll be assisting our existing councillors and target candidates connect with voters, and increasing our chances of electoral success.

Join the Leafletting Team





Canvassing 🏬

Taking the time to talk to local residents, listening to their concerns, and building up our voter and support base is an essential part of local politics.  We offer lots of support and training to anyone wishing to join our core team of canvassers.  Just being able to get out ever couple of months would make a big contribution.

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Data handling📊

Everything we do in the city, our engagement with residents, connecting with voters and supporters, and raising funds is under pinned by the quality of our data. If you’re looking for a desk-based way to get involved, helping out with our data management would be hugely appreciated

Join the Data Handling Team