• Argued for the Council’s carbon claims to be independently verified to improve transparency, credibility & avoid ‘greenwash’
  • Called out Labour on its U-turn on climate change spending plans which would have plugged Oxford’s funding gap
  • Campaigned for the £m’s being spent on speculative commercial property to be redirected to invest in renewable energy
  • Supported the Oxford Energy Super Hub and investment in expanding the high voltage vehicle charging network
  • Supported new community- and cooperatively-owned energy schemes such as those developed by Low Carbon Hub
  • Proposed amendments to the Local Plan to require all new residential and commercial properties to be ‘net zero’ carbon
  • Argued for more to be done to align the City’s waste strategy with carbon targets by adopting a circular economy approach
  • Continued to lead the way in relation to City’s policies on natural environment; protecting & enhancing a range of habitats
  • Campaigned to end building on valued greenfield sites & flood plains whilst enhancing ‘green corridors’ for wildlife
  • Argued for better access to nature – vital for improving wellbeing – as well as more green roofs and public planting
  • Argued for a better Flood Alleviation Scheme for Oxford plus more natural prevention measures upstream
  • Backed the bird and insect-friendly planting of verges and community orchards, benefiting both people and wildlife
  • Supported the creation of a new national nature reserve to the northeast of Oxford taking in Otmoor and Bernwood Forest
  • Secured greater protections for biodiversity in Oxford’s local plan