• Supported efforts to ‘level up’ quality of life across City by tackling root causes: poverty, poor education, housing & pollution
  • Budgeted for the introduction of a Hardship Fund to help out those most impacted by the cost of living crisis
  • Campaigned for the Oxford Living Wage to be higher; at the same rate as London
  • Secured a budget amendment to retain the Council Tax Relief scheme protecting the most vulnerable in the City
  • Worked with health partners & the County to increase access to affordable health & social care, improving support for carers
  • Worked with the voluntary sector, develop a Food Strategy to address the issues of food inequality, sustainability & health
  • Encouraged local production of healthy food through, for example, allotments & community orchards to promote good nutrition
  • Campaigned for rent controls to guard against above inflation rental increases and protect tenants from bad landlords
  • Backed organisations such as Oxford Mutual Aid in providing week-round support to those in food poverty
  • Opposed Council’s plans to privatise services leading to higher costs for users
  • Opposed Council’s plans to raise services charges – and remove previous discounts – for those on low incomes
  • Argued for Council policy to be focused more on supporting small, local businesses, cooperatives and the public sector
  • Delivered a Council-run scheme of free period products in Oxford’s community centres