Oxford is an international city, its residents hailing from across the world. With so many personal, family, business and organisational links to the wider world, we are in a unique position to build solidarity, share solutions and ideas, and work to end global conflict and environmental degradation.

Our past as an imperial state has shaped how many see the world, often in ways that are negative and destructive. The foreign policy of both Conservative and Labour governments has been counterproductive, hypocritical and make the world more dangerous.

Greens stand for a safer world and international solidarity. We have taken a clear and consistent stand for peace, justice and equality. If the whole world is not safe, none of us are safe. We oppose the immoral trading of UK armaments for oil that keeps regimes like the Saudi monarchy in power. We oppose the dangerous transit of nuclear arms through Oxfordshire.

Greens were behind the declaration of Oxford as a City of Sanctuary, and we will continue to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. More can be done through our city twinning programme to influence the actions of others.

We oppose the detention of refugees and asylum seekers and support the campaign to Keep Campsfield Closed. We oppose the Rwanda Bill.