Life in Oxford is intricately wrapped up with the city’s two universities. However, with their special relationship comes responsibilities. The expansion of the universities has been a contributing factor in the housing crisis in the city, and as many colleges are major landowners, they have a direct interest in development around the city.

Students are a vital part of our communities – sustaining the local economy, contributing to local culture and often staying here to work themselves. But many who work during their studies do so in low paid and harsh working environments, and many have poor quality accommodation.

Greens will strongly scrutinise planning applications from the universities and colleges and insist on full transparency.

We will require students to be supported on equal terms by Council services, ensure that housing policies reflect the needs of students, and work with unions and employers to promote fair pay and conditions for all workers, including students.

The Greens have supported university staff in their campaigns for fair pay, pensions and conditions – including through showing solidarity with striking UCU members.