• Supported ‘Vision Zero’ – the eradication of deaths and serious injuries on our roads; making Oxford a safer, healthier place
  • Encouraged the bus companies to improve services, develop fairer pricing & become one of UK’s first all-electric bus cities
  • Argued for electric shuttles to deliver goods in the City – avoiding HGVs in the City – and expanding freight delivery by bike
  • Backed cycle and pedestrian-friendly transport improvements and work to improve/deliver ‘Connecting Oxford’
  • Backed calls for improved cycling infrastructure; creating joined-up cycleways, improving cycling priority and safety
  • Argued for a real Zero Emission Zone to improve air quality, not the small congestion charge zone introduced by the Council
  • Supported current Low Traffic Neighbourhoods but with improved local consultation to identify accessibility improvements
  • Supported a ban on pavement parking with exceptions for marked parking bays
  • Supported the expansion of School Streets – safe zones around schools
  • Supported the introduction of car-sharing schemes, peer-to-peer lending schemes; and installation of more electric chargers
  • Backed the proposed workplace parking levy to fund transport improvements and calls to examine road pricing options
  • Promoted online and home working, and improved internet access and connectivity to reduce the need to travel
  • Supported calls for buses to be re-regulated allowing for public control over fares and routes
  • Backed the introduction of bus gates to make public transport more efficient and a reliable alternative to private cars