• Campaigned for the utilisation of brownfield sites; e.g. old industrial sites, above car parks, to build affordable, zero carbon housing
  • Supported the purchase of long-term vacant properties, for social housing, backed by compulsory purchase orders if needed
  • Argued for the use of low-cost Council borrowing to build 100% social and zero carbon housing on Council-owned sites
  • Worked to improve residential moorings based on the Collaborative Housing ‘Community Led Moorings’ report
  • Opposed evictions which result from cuts or delays in benefits or Universal Credit
  • Argued for the establishment of a new Council-backed letting agency offering fairer rents and more secure contracts
  • Budgeted for more support to organisations that offer ‘safety net’ services such as the Oxford Homelessness Project
  • Backed the introduction of a ‘housing first’ model to support rough sleepers into accommodation
  • Argued for the renovation of more older properties; delivering affordable, zero carbon homes with reduced energy bills
  • Campaigned for the introduction of an improved landlord registration scheme where costs are not passed on to tenants
  • Proposed the introduction of an Oxford Living Rent – promoting affordability in the private rented sector
  • Got City Council to lobby central government to introduce powers for local Councils to introduce private sector rent controls